Who We Are

Improve To Make Better LLC Prides itself on the care that we provide with over seventy years of experience within our company, we take time at our intake meetings with clients to really get to know each individual thoroughly so that we may in our interviews with prospective employees, be able to help the person served feel comfortable with the Direct support professional that is placed to work with them.

We Pride ourselves on our ability to give the Person served a sense of stability and structure so that they may better function in their daily lives without the feeling of reliance but instead a form of independence 

Improve To Make Better LLC

Dedicated to improving the lives of all individuals regardless of their abilities.

Always Showing Care for our Clients

To put the health and welfare of the individuals we   support first. By seeking to understand what is important to and for the individuals. Supporting them by respecting   their choices, history, dignity, and cultural backgrounds.
Vision- To see all individuals with disabilities treated fairly and given the same opportunities to live and work up to and beyond their limitless abilities.
Values- Advocacy and supports with integrity, ethics, empathy, and compassion.


Staff will Complete Orientation, and Annual Training In Order to be in Compliance Through Star services:

Orientation to Providing Quality Services – This class covers many of the basic orientation requirements so you can focus your time training staff about the individuals you support! It includes recognizing, responding to and reporting 245D incidents, data privacy, documentation, service recipient rights, staff responsibilities, and maltreatment reporting for children and vulnerable adults. It also includes principles of person centered services, which is a new 245D orientation requirement.

Improve To Make Better LLC recognizes the right of each person receiving services in this program to confidentiality and data privacy.  This policy provides general guidelines and principles for safeguarding service recipient rights to data privacy under section 245D.04, subdivision 3(a) and access to their records under section 245D.095, subdivision 4, of the 245D Home and Community-based Services Standards.


Assisting clients to feel like part of their community

What We Offer

Our 245D program is a licensed Home and Community Based Program, providing Basic Services in a manner that supports the individual with dignity

About our Clients

Individuals will have the opportunity for the development and exercise of decision making, choice, and personal advocacy to support their desires of who will support them and how they will be supported by using a person-centered approach. The person receiving services and the guardian work together with staff to identify what is important to and for the individual which includes daily needs, and activities needed to accomplish their personal goals.