Administrative Assistant/ Communications Director


Improve to Make Better LLC 

Crisis Communications Policy 

What to do when the Media or a reporter visits or calls:

Always be Polite and courteous.
Never say “No Comment,” and gather information.
Say, “It is very important that I speak to you.”
Ask, “What Specifically are you interested in?”
“Who else are you interviewing for the story?”
“What is your deadline?”

Call Or email Information to Communications Director who will draft a public statement regarding the incident/issues and will follow up with the news media.

Communications Director: 

Monica F Ford

Phone: 612-469-0265

Fax : 612-460-9083 


 Build Trust and Credibility

Express empathy and caring
Competence and expertise
Honesty and openness
Commitment and dedication

Top Tips

Don’t over assure.
Acknowledge Uncertainty
Express wishes ( “I wish I had Answers.”)
Explain the process in place to find answers.
Acknowledge people’s fear
Give People Things to do.
Ask more of People ( share risk)

Ask a Spokesperson

Know your companies Policies and Procedures
Stay within the  scope of responsibilities
Tell the truth be transparent
Embody your company’s identity.